Tallinn Day 2015

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Tallinn gained Lubeck city rights in 1248, gaining admission to the Hanseatic League of European cities. Tallinn Day commemorates this historical event with a day full of cultural and fun activities. The day, first held in 2002, has grown in scope ever since. Join in the fun and festivities! Source: http://www.tourism.tallinn.ee/eng/fpage/experience/cultural_highlights#!5207_12467_1 Picture source: http://www.tourism.tallinn.ee/static/files/052/t2_tallinna_paev02.jpg

Orchid Exhibition Mar 7 – Mar 15

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March witnesses the flowering peak of numerous exotic orchids. Many of these extraordinary plants open their blossoms in March – some capturing the eye with their vibrant colours, others with their peculiar form. Some orchids have blossoms so tiny that they are almost invisible without a magnifying glass. These flowers have the power to turn… Read more »


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For the first time in Estonia – a festival of colors for everyone and for the whole family! Fantastic emotions from DREAM HOLI will be waiting for you already on the 16th of August at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds! DREAM HOLI-it`s not just an event, it is an unforgettable and one of a kind… Read more »

Light walks in Kadriorg 18.09.2014

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The aim of the annual festival in Kadriorg Park is to celebrate the end of summer and beginning of autumn. More than 6000 candles and 1500 torches light up the tsarist Park and palace. This visually enchanting festival is especially popular among the locals and photography enthusiasts. Traditionally, the festival goes hand in hand with… Read more »

Birgitta Festival 08.08.2014-17.08.2014

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The annual event, set among the medieval ruins of St. Bridget’s Convent ruins will, in the ambient evenings of August, brings a programme of contemporary music theatre from local and international groups. This year’s programme features: Leonard Bernstein’s “Mass”, Aram Hatšaturjan’s ballet “Spartacus”, Mozart’s comic opera ”The Abduction from the Seraglio“, Giuseppe Verdi’s “A Masked… Read more »

Kadriorg Park Birthday 296 – 22.07.2014

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Every year Kadriorg Park celebrates its birthday with various concerts, park tours and many other events. Main programme: 16.00 Circus Show 18.00 Karl-Erik Taukar Band 19.00 Corelli Music Band Source: http://www.tourism.tallinn.ee/eng/fpage/experience/cultural_highlights#!4865_10846_17 If you wish to see Kadriorg park and visit the Kadriorg Palace, you can check our excursions: “Tallinn City Tour by car” http://tripity.eu/tour/tallinn-city-tour-by-car/ ,… Read more »

Tallinn Maritime Days 18.07.2014-20.07.2014

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Connecting all major Tallinn harbours, Maritime Days brings together a large number of sea and harbour related events, concerts, boat trips, water related attractions and performances. Explore famous vessels, enjoy sea shows and concerts. There will also be plenty of exciting activities organised for kids. The festival focus in 2014 is on steamboats with free… Read more »