In August, the first ice-cream museum will be opened near Tallinn, which will set light on the history of ice-cream making and offer the chance to enjoy a refreshing treat. The first ice-cream in Estonia was produced in 1934.

The museum, located in the Balbiino ice-cream factory building (Viljandi maantee 26, Tallinn), will showcase the story of ice cream in the world and Estonia, from Chinese ice treats to the legacy of the beloved Onu Eskimo ice cream and cream-based ice-cream in Estonia.

The museum will display the first ice-cream machines in Estonia, owned by Onu Eskimo (Uncle Eskimo, pictured) who is now 103 years old and participated in the opening ceremony of the museum. A video will show the Balbiino ice-cream making procedure in depth. Many exciting interactive games also await visitors.

The ice cream museum will be open to visitors on the first and third Wednesday of every month. The visit should be booked in advance via e-mail to info@balbiino.ee. Visiting the museum is free of charge and a maximum of 25 people can visit at once.

Source: http://www.tourism.tallinn.ee/eng/newsletter/article_id-16382#read
Picture source: http://www.tourism.tallinn.ee/eng/newsletter/article_id-16382#read