Like any other world capital, Tallinn offers a stunning number of cultural sights, some of which are an absolute must-see. What are the best places to visit in Tallinn, Estonia? Tallinn City Tours is an expert when it comes to the best places to go in Tallinn, but let us take a closer look at the long list of things to discover in the famous capital city!

The Old Town of Tallinn

What to see in Estonia? No matter how many travel guides, articles, and blog posts have been written about sightseeing and things to do in Tallinn, it is impossible to leave out the medieval Old Town, the absolute pride, and joy of the Estonian capital.


The Old Town of Tallinn has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1997, having seen thousands of tourists from all around the globe walking along its narrow cobbled streets.

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The Old Town of Tallinn, in turn, has its very own must-see cultural spots:

  • The Town Hall Square featuring the Town Hall of Tallinn and the Town Hall Pharmacy, not to mention the many fancy restaurants offering mouth-watering dishes to every foodie’s taste;
  • St. Olaf’s Church that is believed to have been the tallest building in the world from 1549 to 1625;
  • Toompea Hill with a colourful variety of fabulous historic city mansions;
  • A labyrinth of medieval streets with precious cultural and historic gems in the Lower Part of the Old Town.


The second most popular tourist attraction in Tallinn is undoubtedly the magnificent Kadriorg.


Kadriorg was built by the Russian Tzar Peter the Great for his wife Catherine I in the 18th century. The Estonian and the German name for the place both mean Catherine’s Valley. How romantic is that? But hold on, Kadriorg’s history of creation and official name are not the only romantic things about it. The gardens and the park of the beautiful Kadriorg are meant for couples of all backgrounds and ages, and photoshoots of the newlyweds – incredibly popular, by the way!

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Kadriorg consists of different picturesque areas:

  • The Kadriorg Park that boasts centuries-old oak trees and beautiful gardens;
  • The Baroque Kadriorg Palace that presently houses Kadriorg Art Museum;
  • The Presidential Palace located right behind the Kadriorg Palace – indeed, you may even spot the President of Estonia in Kadriorg if you are lucky enough;
  • Peter the Great’s Summer House;
  • KUMU Art Museum, the biggest art museum in Estonia, on whole four floors, located a little bit furthermore in the park;
  • Wooden houses from the 19th and 20th century located all around Kadriorg, real gems for true architecture lovers.


More places to visit in Estonia and its capital in particular? From Kadriorg onwards, you can enjoy one of Tallinn’s largest districts, Pirita, offering not only refreshing walks along the waterfront accompanied by a light breeze, but also plenty of museums and monuments.


To get to Pirita, you can get a city sightseeing bus, use the services of local tour guides, rent a car, or just use the cheap but comfortable and speedy public transport.


If you are visiting in the summer, be sure to pay a visit to the star attraction of Pirita, the most extensive beach in Tallinn – Pirita Beach. You will no doubt enjoy a 3 km walk in the white sand and shallow waters, watching tanning people, flirting couples, and sexy volleyball players. Just a stone’s throw away from Pirita Beach, the Pirita River Boat Rental is located– a lovely way to explore the nature of Tallinn’s well-known district.


Tired of sports activities and nature? How about singing? The area of Pirita boasts the Song Festival Grounds that hosted the first Song Festival in the June of 1988 bringing together over 100,000 Estonians singing for their freedom and leading the country to re-establishing its independence after more than 50 years of Soviet rule.


Why not move a bit farther away and go on one of the excursions to Tallinn Botanic Garden or Tallinn TV Tower? Tallinn tours never run out of options. Tallinn TV Tower will be especially attractive to those who want to climb 314 metres up in the air to almost touch the clouds! Does a 360° view sound like something that excites you? Below, you will be able to see the forests of Muuga, the Old Town of Tallinn, and the shimmering Baltic Sea in all its majesty.


To get the maximum out of the visit to Tallinn Botanic Garden, we advise taking one of local or one of Tallinn guided tours. At Tallinn Botanic Garden, you will be able to discover how plants change their appearance according to environmental conditions, how they reproduce, how tall and old they grow and live, and more.


Last but not least, for history enthusiasts, Pirita offers the ruins of St. Birgitta’s Convent, the history of which dates as far back as to the 15th century.


More reviews coming in this blog post about another bigger subdistrict of Tallinn, offering a lot of things to do in Estonia.


Haabersti District’s area of Rocca-al-Mare, which literally translates as ‘a cliff by the sea’ from Italian, is mostly covered by the Estonian Open Air Museum, an actual and very real reconstruction of a typical 18-century rural village, representing Estonia’s different regions. Here, you will be able to see farmyards, a church, a village school, several mills, and even a fire station.


Right next to the museum, there is a private secondary school, Rocca-al-Mare School.


Finally, Estonia’s largest shopping centre, Rocca-al-Mare Shopping Centre, is also located in the district. Hungry and longing for shopping, make sure to give it a try after an energising visit to the Open-Air Museum!

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Image Source: Estonian Open air Museum (EVM)


To sum it up, if you have plenty of time to spend in Tallinn, we certainly recommend you to cover all of the areas and districts described above to get a fuller picture of Estonia’s diverse and brilliant capital city.