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Ekskursioon on osaliselt jalgsi
Lahemaa rahvuspark
Lahemaa rahvuspark
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                                According to the number of people per one square kilometre in the European Union, Estonia is on the last place. Therefore, it has great forests which have never been destroyed by urbanisation.
Lahemaa national park was founded in 1971. It became the first reserve of such a status in the whole Soviet Union. It has recently become popular not just among specialists but also among tourists.
The territory is 72.000 ha; 1/3 of the territory is covered with numerous rivers, lakes, bogs, and bays. “Lahemaa” means “The land of bays.” The biggest national park in Estonia Lahemaa also means fine forests, karst landscapes, and fields.
One of the goals of Lahemaa national park is to show how people and nature influence each other.
Old manor houses of Sagadi, Vihula, and Palmse, which is the most beautiful manor house in Estonia, give an incredible opportunity to learn about culture of Baltic Germans.
Fishermen’s village Altja, on the contrary, gives a perfect overview of the way of life of local fishermen. Käsmu village used to be the resort for Russian creative intelligence. It will tell you a story about romantic sea-voyages.
The road to Lahemaa is a great trip itself: it goes through the lands of the ancient parish Rävala, which gave to Tallinn its historical name Reval. You will pass by the burial ground of the Stone Age, medieval churches, and a small castle Kiiu – the smallest in Northern Europe.
Hidden beaches, fields of blueberries and wild strawberries, tourist trails above the old bogs will make the day trip even more unforgettable.
This is a great chance to see hidden Estonia, which will be a surprise for the tourists who have no idea about that.

The price includes:
• 6-hour tour to Lahemaa National Park
• Private guide service
• Entrance to Palmse
• Entrance to the park of Sagadi manor
• Visiting Altja and Käsmu villages
• Transportation                            


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Lahemaa rahvuspark
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