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Jalgsi ekskursioon Loomaaias
Jalgsi ekskursioon Loomaaias


                                Visiting the zoo will make it possible to learn more about the life of animals. 
Children’s zoo is very popular among pre-school children, who can see the animals and even touch them there. 
The zoo exposes a great variety of common and very rare birds, including flesh birds. 
One of the best known collections in the world is the collection of goats and sheep. An Indian bison is the biggest representative of bulls, and it exists only in national parks nowadays. Children will also enjoy watching Japanese macaques, chimpanzees, and cute tamarins – the smallest apes.  
You will be definitely amazed by the huge size of the estuarine crocodile. The dwellers of the aquarium are beautiful. In the Tropical house it is also possible to see different amphibians, such as frogs and toads, and reptiles: snakes, turtles, and lizards. 
Slender-tailed meerkants are always happy to see the guests. A couple of rhinos feel perfectly well in Tallinn zoo, too.  
On the territory of the zoo, there is opened an elephant enclosure with a two-storeyed viewing platform. Nearby, there live a sophisticated couple of hippos. 
Among the feliform, you will see lions, Siberian tigers, leopards, lynx, and caracals. 
A collection which has united exotic animals from the whole world will be interesting for children and their parents. We truly love animals.
In the zoo, there are also playgrounds for children, where kids can play and climb. In order to make walking more pleasant and easier, it is possible to rent a carriage for children.
The place is popular among local people and guests.  

The price includes:
• 3-hour tour to Tallinn Zoo
• Private guide service
• Zoo tickets
• Transfer to the zoo and back 

Zoo opening times:
November – February 09:00 – 17:00
March – October 09:00 – 19:00
May – August 09:00 – 21:00                            


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