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Jalgsi ekskursioon Teletorni


                                After meeting your tourist guide, you will embark the coach and drive through the central parts of Tallinn towards Tallinn TV Tower. During the tour, you will pass by the monument “Russalka” – Estonian “Mermaid,” which is dedicated to the shipwreck.  You will also see the former residence of the count Orlov-Davydov, the memorial of Maarjamäe and the ruins of St. Bridgit’s convent. 
On the TV Tower, you will almost reach the sky by coming to the 21st floor from where you will enjoy a breathtaking bird’s-eye view of Tallinn.
TV Tower is 314 meters high, which makes it the highest building in Estonia. You will see endless forests of the country, stunning Baltic Sea and the rooftops of the Old Town. 
You will also study numerous multimedia touchscreens. By touching those, you will learn about the history of Estonia, see close-ups of Tallinn areas, and find out about the inventions of the local people, such as a micro camera that was constantly used for covert activities, and Skype. 
Moreover, you will also visit a viewing platform on the 22nd floor.
It is recommended to visit the TV Tower with the whole family because the multimedia touchscreen look like huge white mushrooms. It is even possible to draw on some of them, listen to music, and watch videos about Tallinn and Estonia.

The price includes:
• 2-hour tour to the TV tower
• Private guide service
• TV tower tickets 
• Transportation

Museum opening times:
October – April: Mon – Sun 10:00 – 18:00
May – September: Mon – Sun 10:00 – 19:00                            


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Tallinna Teletorn

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