Tallinna ringreis ja Vanalinna tuur

1-tunnine linnatuur bussiga või autoga
1-tunnine linnatuur bussiga või autoga
Vanalinna vaateplatvormid
Vanalinna vaateplatvormid
2-tunnine jalgsi ekskursioon Vanalinnas
2-tunnine jalgsi ekskursioon Vanalinnas


                                In a private car you will visit the central parts of Tallinn and  see a magnificent park of Kadriorg or “The Valley of Catherine” which was commissioned more than 300 years ago by the Russian tsar Peter the Great. The park can truly be called a replica of Versaile. There, you will see a magnificent baroque palace of Catherine, dedicated to the wife of Peter I. 
You will also pass by the residence of the president and cottage of Peter the Great which will impress you with the small size. 
Furthermore, you will see KUMU Art Museum  that is famous in many European countries for its unusual architecture and valuable collection of art. 
The tour continues to the Song Festival Grounds, which host regular national song and dance festivals. The event is also on the heritage list of UNESCO.
The Song Festival Grounds are also the place where Lady Gaga, Madonna, Metallica, Michael Jackson, Robbie Williams and other celebrities have performed. 
You will also have a close look at the impressive “Russalka” monument.
After that you will have a walk in the Old Town. You will visit the Upper-Town, which used to be the residential area for the nobility.  The place was visited by Krusenshtern, Bellingshausen, Benkendorf, Wrangel and others.  Our guide will tell you about Toompea palace that belonged to orders of knighthood.  You will also see the magnificent cathedral of Alexander Nevski. You will also pass by the Dome Church, which is the oldest church of Tallinn. It dates back to the first half of the 13th century. Through the centuries it was the burial vault for the nobles. That is why in the church there is still an impressive collection of coats of arms and grave monuments which were created by great masters of Medieval Tallinn. 
Our tourist guide will also take you to the viewing platforms, from where you will be able to enjoy a stunning view of the spires of the Lower Town where your walking tour continues.  
The Lower Town used to be the place where craftsmen and merchants lived. Walking along the longest street of the Old Town, our tourist guide will tell you fascinating stories about everyday life in the Lower Town. Here, you will be able to see Marzipan Museum Room, where you will find out the ways of making this medieval remedy and will also have a chance to buy it. 
You will also see the Church of St. Olav, which is one of the highest medieval churches in Europe. Passing by the Church of the Holy Ghost, you will see the oldest street clock of Tallinn on the wall. 
Medieval Tallinn was one of the best protected towns in Northern Europe. You will be able to see a part of the medieval town wall and Stout Margaret Tower.
Furthermore, you will see Niguliste church, which hosts a concert hall and a museum today. Among the exhibits there are numerous medieval wooden altars, wooden sculpture, coats of arms, tombstones and a world-famous painting “Dance of Death.” That is also the place where a real mummy was found in the 19th century. 
The walking tour continues to the Town Hall Square which is the heart of the Old Own. There you will see the building of the Town Hall, which is one of the best preserved Town Halls in Europe and the only original gothic Town Hall in Northern Europe. 

The price includes:
• 1-hour Tallinn City Tour by car
• 2-hour walking tour in the Old Town
• Private guide service
• Transportation                            


Aleksander Nevski Katedraal
Katariina Loss
Pühavaimu kirik
Kadrioru Park
Russalka mälestussammas
Toompea Loss
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