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Ekskursioon on osaliselt jalgsi
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                                The tour starts in the central parts of Tallinn, from where you will go to the open air museum by a coach. On your way there, you will see the central parts of the town and also its former suburbs including Rocca-al-Mare. In the area there is located Tallinn zoo and Saku Suurhall –the concert hall which hosted Eurovision song contest in 2002. 
The walking part of the tour starts in the open air museum, where you will be able to watch the life of simple Estonian pheasants. It is a wonderful chance to have a nice rest outside the city centre and enjoy Estonian nature and the view over the Baltic Sea. 
Today, the museum exhibits an impressive collection of Estonian rural architecture. You will see authentic wooden farmhouses and windmills. You will also be able to imagine yourself being a student in a rural school. Furthermore, if you would like to have dinner, you might visit Kolu Inn, where it is possible to try local cuisines made by authentic recipes. At the end of the tour, you will also have an opportunity to visit a village shop, which sells authentic handmade souvenirs. Being a sweet tooth, you can also buy some chocolate which is produced specially for the museum and sold only here.

The price includes: 
• 2-hour tour to Estonian Open Air Museum
• Private guide service
• Museum tickets
• Transportation to the Estonian Open Air Museum and back

Museum opening times:
April 23 – September 28 10:00 – 20:00
September 29 – April 22 10:00 – 17:00                            


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