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2-tunnine jalgsi ekskursioon Vanalinna töökojades
2-tunnine jalgsi ekskursioon Vanalinna töökojades


                                During the walking tour, you will visit the Lower Town, where craftsmen and merchants used to live. You will walk along the longest street in the Old Town, where the guilds of medieval Tallinn used to be. You will visit Marzipan Museum, where small marzipan figures and handmade. According to the legend, marzipan was invented in Tallinn as a remedy, so, you will have a unique chance to buy this medicine against headache or jealousy.  
Continue the walking tour to the Town Hall Square, which used to be a medieval marker square. You will visit a medieval pharmacy, which is one of the oldest in Europe. In the Middle Ages, it was possible to buy there the blood of black cats, sun bleached dog’s feces, and other remedies.  
You will also visit St.Catherine's Passage. It is a landmark combining master craftsmen's workshops with a medieval atmosphere. There you will visit several workshops where all the goods are handmade and therefore unique: glass, pottery, tanning, jewelry, and other workshops. Here, you will have a great opportunity to buy some souvenirs.  
Later, you will continue the walking tour to the Dominican convent, where today there is located a medieval art gallery. 

The price includes:
• 2-hour walking tour through the workshops of the Old Town
• Private guide service                            


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