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Era vaateplatvorm
1,5h Tallinna Veinikeldri külastus
1,5h Tallinna Veinikeldri külastus
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                                Old Tallinn is a town of unexpected stories. 
Very few people know that here, in the 1930s there was opened the very first winery in Estonia, which used to be in the Upper Town. 
During the walking tour, our guide will tell you the history of Luscher&Matiesen winery and their founders. They imported into Estonia such famous products as Barton&Guestier wines, Gordon`s gin, Johnie Walker whiskey, Edmond Dupuy cognac, and also produced vermouth.
The company was so successful that in a couple of years the cellars of the winery stored more than 200,000 liters of wine. Luscher&Matiesen produced more than 400,000 liters of wine a year. The winery was closed in the 1940s and opened again in 2009, when Dmitri Matiesen, who immigrated to Switzerland in the 1940s, came back to celebrate his 100 centenary.
During the walking tour, you will visit the oldest winery in Tallinn and an 800-year old wine cellar. You will also learn about local drinking traditions and will have a unique opportunity to taste wine which has been produced according to authentic medieval recipes of 

The price includes:
• 1,5 hour tour  in the winery
• Private guide service
• Wine tasting
• Private viewing platform visit                            


800-aastane veinikelder
Eesti Joogikultuuri Muuseum
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