Open from 20 Sep 2014 – 18 Jan 2015

Sea in the Wardrobe is an exhibition on the encounter of people with the sea and the encounter of the
sea with what is in our wardrobes. What have people put on at different times and in different
situations of going to sea? What do fishermen and navy members wear to survive in the
tough world of the sea? What kind of outfits did our grannies and grandpas use on the beach?
When did bikinis appear and why do some sailors have striped shirts? We shall talk about
sea clothes and materials, haute couture and children’s outfits — the six rooms of
the special exhibition environment will have plenty to offer to fashion freaks,
families with children as well as genuine sea dogs.
The sea is always in fashion!

Besides the exhibition, the entire Seaplane Harbour will be engaged in the subject of
sea, fashion and clothing. The traditional Sea Forums will become Sea FASHION
Forums during the exhibition. Hints to links between the sea and fashion will be
found in the modern menu of the MARU restaurant and the shop of the Seaplane
Harbour; on Sundays, visitors will be invited to participate in workshops on the
sea and fashion, and naturally, the exhibition will be accompanied by an
educational programme and tours for different ages.

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