On 16 October, a new exhibition of paintings from the golden age of sailships,
SEA PAINTED WITH SAILS, will open in Fat Margaret tower in Old Tallinn.

Sea Painted with Sails is an exclusive exhibition of paintings, presented in cooperation between the Estonian and Swedish Maritime Museums, offering the opportunity to see unique sailship paintings from the collection of Erik Ekegren.

The second half of the 19th century was the golden age of classical sailships. Sailboat paintings came into fashion and were appreciated, in particular, for preciseness in depicting the ships. Hundreds of artists, self-trained or academically educated, emerged in that period. Many of them became famous already in their lifetime.

In addition to works of modern painters, Sea Painted with Sails presents a number of paintings by nearly twenty artists of the 19th century. Female artists are represented by Anna Palm de Rosa (1859–1924) from Stockholm, Sweden, who became known for her delicate port views.
Works of almost all artists represented in the exhibition have been on sale at well-known auctions like Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Vallejo, etc. for decades. Such a thorough review of the 19th-century heyday of sailships is the first of its kind in Estonia.

With each painting, we also offer a story related to the painting, its subject, its author or its era. Those small stories will certainly add some romance and adventure to the stately sailships depicted in the paintings.

The exhibition will be available for all guests with the museum ticket until 25 January 2015.