To the joy of everyone visiting and living in Tallinn, the popular summer phenomenon Balloon Tallinn will continue to fly throughout the entire year, making the helium-filled balloon unique in the world.

Balloon Tallinn, launched in July, has made over 2100 flights during the summer season. The summer record was broken during Tallinn Maritime Days, when in one day, over 500 people were raised up in the air.

To make flying in winter possible, the balloon will be equipped with a “winter hat” which will prevent snow from gathering on the top of the ball and help snow slip down to the ground.

Balloon Tallinn is filled with helium and anchored to the ground. Its viewing platform, or gondola, can fly up to 30 people in the air at the same time on a windless day, allowing passengers to enjoy panoramic views from up to 120 metres above the ground. On clear days, visitors can see up to 40 kilometres from the balloon’s gondola.

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Source: http://www.tourism.tallinn.ee/eng/newsletter/article_id-16735#read
Picture source: http://www.balloontallinn.ee