Travelling to a foreign country, the first thing to think about once the flight tickets and places to stay and eat out are booked is what to see?

If you are reading this, Tallinn is, obviously, your next destination. What are the must-see sights in Tallinn, you may ask? Tallinn City Tours has endless possibilities to offer when it comes to sightseeing in Tallinn. Let us not limit ourselves to the ordinary, so read on to find out more about the capital’s main sights and less known attractions, but must-see for some of you!

Things to See in Tallinn in One Day

What to see in Tallinn in one day? If time is your only limit, get your pen ready!

There are two types of tourists wherever you go – those who opt for a sightseeing tour and those who prefer to discover the destination of interest on their own. If you belong to the first group, the easiest option would be to go for a Tallinn sightseeing tour. General tours are easily accessible and will take you to the main places to see in Tallinn. Worry not, general sightseeing tours tend to be more personal these days by providing tour guide services to ensure live commentary whether on the bus or walking from one landmark to another.


However, if you decide to spend one short day in the Estonian capital on your own, we advise to spend it in the historic Old Town and visit the following sights:

  • The Town Hall Square along with the Town Hall Pharmacy and the Town Hall of Tallinn;
  • Toompea Hill;
  • The Dome Church;
  • The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral;
  • The Kohtuotsa and Patkuli Viewing Platforms;
  • St. Catherine’s Passage and Masters’ Courtyard;
  • Freedom Square, which borders the Old Town of Tallinn, allowing you to experience the modern part of the city as well.
Tallinn Old Town by Tripity

Image Source: Tripity


Day Trips in Tallinn


What to see in Tallinn, Estonia, if you have one full day to spend in the country’s capital? One full day in Tallinn also allows you to visit several places of interest situated on the outskirts of the city. Do not be afraid to get lost! Tallinn is very compact and most people speak English, German, or Russian for that matter. Grab a travel guide and dare discover the attractions located away from the oh-so-popular touristy places!


If you like to use your time to the fullest, consider including the following things to see in Tallinn on your list:


  • Tallinn TV Tower and Metsakalmistu Cemetery;
  • Seaplane Harbour;
  • Estonian Open-Air Museum; and
  • Kadriorg with its beautiful gardens, palaces, KUMU Art Museum, and the waterfront promenade located just a short distance away.
Seaplane Harbor Tripity picture

Image Source: Seaplane Harbour (Lennusadam)


Out-of-the-Ordinary Tallinn Tours


What to see in Tallinn if you are looking for something out of the ordinary? Tallinn sightseeing has come to the point where many local trips are now available. By local trips, we mean private tours and experiences offered by the locals of Tallinn. The prices may vary greatly, from expensive to affordable and plain cheap. If you are looking for something very special and feel that a dinner at a home restaurant or a hipster tour of Tallinn is a must for you, feel free to google it for more information! Every specialised website contains accurate descriptions of the services provided by local enthusiasts as well as reviews of happy, or unhappy, customers.


Sightseeing in Tallinn is not limited to simple day and sophisticated local trips. There is a variety of services on offer to satisfy the most unusual and demanding tastes!


If you heart beats for nature, Tallinn offers a brilliant opportunity to go on one of the many nature and shore excursions. Tallinn is located in the Baltic Sea region and is very green. In fact, the whole country makes for a great nature holiday destination with its magical forests and clean air. Sounds exciting? Think about going the following park and nature attractions:

  • Tallinn Botanic Garden;
  • Tallinn Zoo;
  • The lovely Keila Waterfall;
  • Japanese Garden and Kadriorg parks;
  • Pirita Marina with the adjoining parks and forests
Keila Joa schlossfall Tripity picture

Image Source: Tripity


If you are an adventurous tourist and wild at heart, why not think out of the box and try something extreme? It is unlikely that you will be able to dive with sharks or go on a safari in Tallinn, but how about being smart enough to escape a room within an hour before Dracula himself wakes up and feeds on you?

For those looking to leave conventional tourism far behind and experience something new and dangerous, the must-see places include:

  • Exit and Claustrophobia Escape Rooms;
  • Ronimisministeerium for the lovers of climbing;
  • Balloon Tallinn;
  • Paintball activities;
  • Quad biking;
  • Indoor and outdoor karting;
  • Adventure parks;
  • Tondi Shooting Range

Exit Room Tripity picture

Image Source: Exit Room

Or maybe you are just a shopaholic who needs shopping therapy badly?

For a rather small city, Tallinn has a considerable number of shopping opportunities. Whether you are interested in exclusive brands or mass market, Tallinn shopping malls and shops have everything to offer:

  • Viru Keskus, or Viru Centre, which is more than just a shopping centre, a shopping mecca, more like;
  • Stockmann, full of designer clothes and accessories;
  • Shops located on Viru Street and all around the Old Town, including souvenir shops and second-hand boutiques;
  • Rocca-al-Mare Shopping Centre;
  • Ülemiste Shopping Centre

Finally, if you are into sports and do not want to miss your chance to work out even on a holiday trip, consider including the following places on your to-do-and-see-in-Tallinn list:

  • City Bike rental;
  • Segway rental;
  • Indoor skating;
  • Bowling and billiards;
  • Golf;
  • Tennis at one of the many tennis centres;
  • Pääsküla Bog as several hiking trails starting from Hiiu are located only a 30-minute drive away from the city centre.


We hope that no matter if you are in Tallinn for a limited period of time or for a few days, you will be able to hit some or most must-see sights mentioned above. Focus on what you desire to see most of all!