On 25 July, the biggest theme park in the Baltic States – Lottemaa – opens near Pärnu. Lottemaa is the Gadgetville known from the animation, plays and books by Janno Põldma and Heiki Ernits. Here live the friendly Lotte the girl dog and her good friends Bruno the kitten and Albert the bunny, Klaus the old dog, Jaak the fly and other cheerful villagers.

The aim of the Lottemaa creators is to give visitors a memory that would last for years. Main emphasis in on general atmosphere – all Lottemaa characters are played by actors who play and adventure with the visitors. Visitors can thus invent with Lotte’s father Oskar, work out with Bruno’s father Mati and make music with Bruno’s mother Paula.

Gadgetville has eleven bigger houses and more than a hundred different attractions. A theatre with 500 seats offers excitement and fun events by daily staging scenes from the Gadgetville habitants’ lives. On weekend evenings there will be concerts and plays for adults by different Estonian theatres. The programme of the theme park also considers guests speaking Latvian, Russian, Finnish and English.

Naturally, every eventful day needs a mealtime and for that purpose Lottemaa has a dining street with 250 seats. Lighter snacks, such as Gadgetville’s pancakes, are available at different pancake stands. On a hot summer day you can go swimming at the Lottemaa beach. Mothers can feed their babies and rest with them comfortably at the Pig’s house. Additionally, Lottemaa has an adventure trail and souvenir shop where you can purchase thematic items.

Lottemaa is located 6 km from Pärnu at a beautiful 18-hectare seaside landscape.


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Picture source: http://www.lottemaa.ee