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Pärnu tours: sightseeing and excursions with professional guides. Tripity offers the best tours and day trips in Pärnu, Estonia.

Pärnu is the fourth largest city in Estonia. It is considered the summer capital of Estonia. Comparing to Tallinn, the sea in Pärnu is much warmer, the city is much more green and the number of street cafes and restaurants allow to spend a great time after a hot summer beach day.

Perfect scenario for a cheap price

Day tours to Pärnu would be the perfect option for summer time travelers who enjoy laying on the beach, sunbathing, breathing the sea air or playing beach volleyball. After this perfect scenario you can go walking towards the cafe streets.

Pärnu is also known for its water park located near the beach. On two floors of the water park there are various pools, saunas, jacuzzis and even an outdoor heated pool which will be an incredible time spender for anyone with kids and without.

To create your own holiday route check out tourism websites, reviews and prices beforehand to find out what are the best attractions and sightseeing places in Pärnu you also want to visit.

Find out about the history

Without the help of the travel guide it is quite hard to get to know about the history of the place. For that reason Pärnu guided tours are very handy and very popular among history fans. Pärnu tours with guide will take you to the ancient streets of the Old Town which we have not only in Tallinn and Tartu, but also in Pärnu. With the company of a guide you will walk by the Town Hall, churches and monuments and all the other tourist attractions and sights and find out about their history.

Individual Pärnu sightseeing tours

For travelers with need of an individual approach Tripity is pleased to offer a private transportation and a private guide to meet our client’s special needs in creating the best Pärnu tour experience as possible.


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