Saturday the May 24 was opening day, starting with a large and spectacular concert on the Town Hall Square. Sunday, May 25 was church day with many of the Old Town churches offering organ music and concerts. The start of the new week brought day of traditions on May 26. This was the day for the traditional Old Town Days’ conference inviting people to think about the vital themes concerning the Old Town. Tuesday, May 27 was health day bringing many different health, sport and movement events. Theater day on May 28 and music day on May 29 were of course included to the celebrations. The streets were filled with actors and musicians on these days. Friday, May 30 was museum day giving people a chance to educate themselves through the special programs by different museums. Saturday, May 31 was a day of old times with knights competing each other in horse riding, with swords and bows. The crown of the celebrations was taking place on June 1 on children’s’ day with the whole city filled with events for whole families.