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Tallinn Sightseeing and City Tours

Local guides of the medieval Tallinn

Tallinn with its medieval Old Town and compact modern city is a great place for tourists to have a vacation. Tallinn Old Town is a part of Unesco heritage and instead of using classical travel guide we recommend to take local travel guide who will show you all the popular attractions as well as hidden places.

Day tours to explore outside of the capital city

Here are some good examples of Tallinn sightseeing excursions by Tripity. We tried to divide guided Tallinn tours into two categories: city tours and day tours. The difference between two of them is that during the Tallinn city tour you will have a chance to see the most popular tourist attractions, but during day tours there will be enough time to explore larger territories outside of Estonia’s capital.

Wide variety of Tallinn city tours for every taste

If you are searching for Tallinn sightseeing tour then the best way is to take our two hour Tallinn city tour by car or minivan and explore attractions that are located in the city center. The most famous ones are: Kadriorg park that was built by Russian tsar Peter The Great and Pirita District with its Song Festival Grounds that has part of breathtaking history of Estonian independence. Travelers with kids can choose from the wide variety of Family tours or go cycling around. Lovers of art will definitely find a place in their heart for our historical center after going on a Museum tour. If the weather allows choose a Walking excursion or a Biking tour around the Old Town. Tripity has Tallinn traveler tours for every tourist whether you like – art, history, entertainment or have special requirements or desired personal programs which we can help to fulfill.

Price matters, but so does quality

We hope that this article helped you to clarify what type of sightseeing in Tallinn you would like to choose from. If you are not sure that the price is cheap enough we always recommend to read our reviews on TripAdvisor website. Sometimes it seems that the price is not reasonable at all, but when you read honest reviews from one of our clients then you realize that it is worth to get a Tallinn travel guide rather than going by yourself.


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