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Tallinn Bike Tours

When in Estonia do like Estonians

Cycling is one of the most popular sports in Estonia. Taking Tallinn bike tour will help you to get closer to Estonian culture. Also, Estonia is fully prepared for your cycling tour as it completely filled with cycling tracks.

Our bike tours in Tallinn will make your sightseeing experience more fun and creative. Taking a route to all of the places and attractions in Tallinn on bike will be one of the amazing excursions you, your family or friends will attend.

We do guided cycle tours for all of our popular classic routes which will make sightseeing more interesting for children, young as well as sporty tourists.

In addition to health benefits the price is quite cheap compared to the bus tour.

Different routes for different needs

We have three main bike routes.

The first and the main route is the Old Town and its close surroundings. The most important advantage of going cycling around the Old Town compared to a walking tour is its duration. Walking tour will take you 2 hours when cycling the whole program will last you only 1 hour.

The second main route is the Eastern part of the city. It includes Kadriorg Park and Pirita area. This route will be perfect for taking pictures of city panorama and for nature lovers as it includes cycling along pine forests and white sand beach. This program is specifically designed in such way that no one will get tired. You absolutely don’t have to be a sportsmen to get through it. You will also pass by the Olympic Village which normally you couldn’t get close to it going by bus.

The third main route is the Western part of the city. It is considered the hipsters area. You will see the wooden architecture and old factory buildings which operate as eco-shops and cafes. You will take a ride on the cultural kilometer which runs along the entire coastline of the western part of the city passing by the Tallinn City Hall which is the Soviet era building as well as the Battery Prison. The route goes through the Fish Market, the Seaplane Harbour museum which is the first concrete hangar in Tallinn and overall the marine part of the city.


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