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Tallinn Church Tours

Tallinn church tours is an enjoyable excursion for all of the church and history lovers. Tallinn is full of the most beautiful churches of different confessions ranging from Orthodox to Catholic. The most interesting thing about them is that some of them are still operating as churches to this day. Those churches that do not operate anymore have been transformed into museums.

Tours for churches are one of the most historical sightseeing tours you can join when in Tallinn. Art lovers will enjoy different styles of Tallinn churches which are performed in a range from Gothic to Orthodox.

Take a peek inside of the rich history

St. Olaf’s church is the highest church in Tallinn built in 12th century open for tourists to enjoy breathtaking view from its height. Its viewing platform covers the sight of our beautiful Tallinn to the fullest.

Those churches which now operate as museums are one of the few places where you can see the legacy of woodcarving starting from wooden altars and ending with the largest collection of family coat of arms of the Baltic German aristocracy in Northern Europe.

Don’t forget to take a look at the Gothic cathedrals decorated with stained-glass windows.

In some churches there are still pipe organs that have been working for hundreds of years. Some of the tourists may be lucky enough to visit one of the organ concerts.

Many churches are decorated with weathervanes. Each of them has its own history which our guide certainly will tell you.

Different price options for every budget

As all of the other excursions we offer you can choose to go on Tallinn church tour all by yourself, privately in company of our travel guide or with group of other tourists. For a budget option you can get a map, read reviews beforehand about the places and attractions you want to visit and pay only entrance fees to go into the churches. Going with our guide will reveal the history of Tallinn churches in more details, you only have to choose whether you want to learn it individually or in a group form.


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