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Tallinn Family Tours

Tripity has prepared Family Friendly Tours for each and every family’s taste. Estonia has something to offer as it comes to a Family Trip. Whether you travel with kids or in a company of adults it won’t be difficult to choose a tour destination in Estonia.

Different budget and route options

The price range is different and will approach for any budget. You can choose to go big and go on a private day trip on a minivan or go biking with the kids on the streets of Tallinn for a fraction of the price.

Each and every member of your family will find something special to their hearth and everyone will enjoy this memorable Tallinn family tour. You can either go walking on the Old Town streets, visit all the cafes and souvenirs shops, go shopping in the city center or choose to go sightseeing with a company of our travel guide to make your tourist experience more exciting bringing into it different excursions and attraction to keep you and your kids entertained.

Family friendly museums

Our travel guide will show your family the best entertainment museums like the Seaplane Harbour museum where you can take pictures in naval uniforms, visit all kinds of simulators and spend quality time where everyone will enjoy it.

If the weather permits you can go to the Tallinn Zoo. In there they have special Children’s Zoo where you can touch and feed bunnies, goats, guinea pigs, tortoises, chinchillas, chipmunks and many others!

Another nature dedicated museum in Tallinn is Estonian Museum of Natural History. Nature exposures will help your kids understand how everything works in the world of nature, learn about natural phenomena and many more.

If your kids enjoy more playful pastime then you should show them NUKU museum where puppets come alive. This museum is dedicated to the art of puppetry where you can create your own puppet and watch puppet shows.

For those who don’t want to take their kids to museums we can offer souvenir molding from marzipan. It is the most entertaining tour where you can not only get information about Estonian traditions but also mold marzipan souvenirs and take them home. Fun fact: our observations show that parents enjoy this excursion no less than their children. So if someone from your family is lazy to go do stuff you should definitely grab everyone and we guarantee all members of your family will have the greatest time in the marzipan workshop.

Another entertaining attraction for the whole family is the TV Tower. It is not only the symbol of independence, but also after a complete renovation is one of the most interactive museums in the city. There you can watch 3D films and learn about the various achievements of Estonian people, look into the interactive binoculars and sometimes even see Helsinki.

The bravest of tourists can try walking along the edge of the TV Tower. This attraction is paid separately, but emotions that you will get will be the most memorable of all the emotions in Tallinn.

In any case, we will do our best to make your Tallinn Family Tour become one of the greatest experiences in Estonia.


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