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Tallinn Museum Tours

Tripity has a wide range of Tallinn museum tours which you can look up from our classic sightseeing tour descriptions. We do museum excursions to all the best museums in Tallinn.

If you decide to go on a Tallinn museum tour all by yourself then firstly you can check out all the reviews and pick tourist top museums from there. However, if you crave more interesting information we highly recommend going there with help of our guides.

Specifically trained guides

Tripity is one of the few travel agencies in Estonia whose guides have been previously trained in the top museums of Tallinn. Not to mention, going places with Tripity would be much cheaper in price as we cooperate with museums, attractions and sightseeing places on a regular basis.

Private guide will take you to your desired destination

Depending on your personal preference you can either choose to go sightseeing with a company of our Tallinn museum guide privately or in a group form. Undoubted advantage of the private guide is that you can prepare a list of the museums you want to visit at once in one day to get the most out of your day in Tallinn.

Renovated and interactive museums

One of the most popular museums in Tallinn is the TV Tower, the Seaplane Harbour and Energy Center museums. Also, many historical buildings in Tallinn are also operate as museums, for example Town Hall Square.

What differs Tallinn from all the other cities is that Tallinn museums have been recently renovated and most of them are very interactive.

For example, in the Seaplane Harbour museum you can read exhibits descriptions and with a special chip mark for yourself interesting exhibits and all this information will be automatically sent to your email when you leave the museum.

Energy center is used to be a power station which provided the entire city with electricity. This museum contains a huge number of exhibits starting from generators finishing with notorious instruments of unknown purpose. This museum is the only place where it is possible to see real lightning and to learn how static electricity works. In that same museum there is a modern planetarium where you can not only learn about the planets, but also see a variety of educational films. Also, in addition to the main exhibition they constantly change and add temporary scientific exhibitions.

Museums for history and art lovers

For those who want to experience the real Estonian culture we offer to visit the Estonian Open Air Museum. There you will walk along 80 hectare territory which collected more than 70 buildings of all times and ages brought from all over Estonia. In the Old Town you only see how city residents lived, when in the Open Air Museum you will get to know how lived Estonian villagers. You will have a chance to go inside their houses, ride on horses, go to church and try Estonian traditional dishes in the tavern.
Art lovers can also visit such museums as KUMU and Kadriorg Art Museum which offer a range of painting and sculptures by various artists who lived in Estonia and the Baltic States since the 18th century.


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