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Tallinn Shore Excursions

Before you book a Tallinn cruise definitely decide for yourself what you want to get from it. Do you want to see the architectural heritage or the life of a modern city? Maybe you want to visit one of the local museums which shows the life of Estonians for the past 200 years. According to that we can offer the appropriate route for you.

Pick up and drop off service

Shore excursions in Tallinn are specially designed for tourists that arrive to Tallinn on cruise ships and could manage to visit most important and interesting sightseeing places and attractions in a short period of time.

Get crafty while in Tallinn

For those who want to bring something home we can offer good shops or even workshops where you can hand made a souvenir by yourself for example marzipan figure or a piece of national Estonian clothing.

Special tour programs for Tallinn cruise ship tourists

We do recommend all the cruise ship tourists not to take classic excursions just because Tallinn shore excursions specifically logistically arranged in such way that they start and finish in the port.

Except of convenience that also saves you money that you could have spent on taxi.

For tourists with high requirements we have a luxury transport as well as guides specifically trained to come up with interesting routes to meet our client’s special needs right on the spot.

Get to know Estonia besides popular tourists places

For those who want to explore outside of Tallinn we offer short trips outside the city where you can enjoy Tallinn Shore Excursion nature, waterfalls, nature reserves and Mainor houses.

For families we have specific programs designed for travelling with kids.

As usual, you have a choice to go sightseeing with a private excursioneer or with a group. Group option is valid when the excursion is scheduled. Not to mention that scheduled excursion can also save you some money in comparison to private.


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