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Tartu Sightseeing and Guided Tours

When traveling to Estonia you probably plan to visit only the capital of the country. Despite Estonia’s modest size as a country it has more to offer other than its capital city Tallinn. You probably already know that nature in a form of forests and fields is a huge part of Estonia. Forests cover over a half of the country and all you can see when going outside of Tallinn is fields. However, Estonian nature is not the only bright side. A great destination besides the capital city would be Tartu.

Ancient and youthful at the same time

Tartu is the second largest city in Estonia. The reason why is in its highlight, the University of Tartu. Students from all over Estonia and other countries study and live in Tartu making the city full of youth.

When driving from Tallinn to Tartu which is almost across the whole country you will enjoy the endless views of Estonian fields, farms, forests and landscapes. The road will take you about two hours of driving.

Taking into consideration its modest size in territory it doesn’t have an abundance of places you can visit, however there are people who appreciate small towns and peaceful and quiet lifestyle Estonian people live. It especially impresses tourists from big cities who never see around such a quiet and measured lifestyle. Estonia can become that happy place for people always in a rush.

Despite being a small city, Tartu has a lot to offer for history lovers. Tartu tours with guide will be a great way to get to know all the amazing history of this old city first mentioned and documented in 1030!

Tartu tour for every budget

How to keep a low budget for your day tours? First and foremost, find tourist attractions online beforehand and create your own route. Prices to go to Tartu by train or bus are quite cheap as well as most sights and attractions are free, for example walking on the medieval streets of the Old Town. Take a look into tourism websites, read reviews of other travelers or Tartu guided tours programs to find out what are the most popular and visited tourist attractions in Tartu. However, if you want to hear the whole story of this place we suggest you to choose one of the excursions from our Tripity travel guides to fill this small town full of history and its unique charm.


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