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Life of a Christmas baby through the century

Years are not brothers and Christmas time can be so different year after year. At the Christmas Village we will unwind a life of a woman from the end of 19th century to the last quarter of 20th century.

Walking from farm to farm, the visitors can see different eras with their worries and joy, the main story through the century being a life of an energetic Estonian lady Aliine Tamm.

Starting from the Christmas games played in the straw of the childhood drying barn through the festive Christmas holidays of the first Republic of Estonia to the New Year celebrations of the Soviet Era, there are so many different holidays.

KÖSTRIASEME FARM – 1895. Aliine’s mother is last days pregnant. Preparations are being made for the baby to be born at Christmas time and Christmas stories are being read for creating the holiday feeling.

PULGA FARM – 1903. In Aliine’s childhood Christmas is still celebrated according to old traditions. Christmas straw is spread on the fl oor of the drying barn, people eat 7 times during the night, old games are played and ancestors are remembered.

AARTE FARM – 1914. Very often single girls had to go to another family to serve them in order to earn a living after confi rmation, and so Aliine had to do it as well. Christmas is just the right time to predict your future husband.

HÄRJAPEA FARM – 1932. Aliine is married to a son of a wealthy farm family. Christmas at her own home with a decorated Christmas tree, presents and delicious Christmas food seems like a fairy-tale.

LAU VILLAGE SHOP – 1940. Wartime brings along lots of changes and the future looks dark – Aliine, owner of the family business, has to face the nationalisation order established by the new authorities.

KUIE SCHOOL – 1960. The Soviet Era brought along new traditions – now New Year is celebrated instead of Christmas. Aliine works at school as a music teacher. They sing together New Year’s songs and make masks for the New Year’s carnival.

SEPA FARM – 1980. Christmas was celebrated only at home during the Soviet Era. You could only dream of a free day – you also needed to demonstrate your resourcefulness in preparing Christmas food and making Christmas decorations. Getting ready for the holidays needs a great effort, but everything will be done for the grandchildren.

SUTLEPA CHAPEL – choir concerts and Christmas prayers take place on Saturday and Sunday at 12 p.m., 1.30 p.m. and 3 p.m.

SASSI-JAANI FARM – a small Christmas fair.

KOLU INN – delicious Christmas dishes.

You can visit Estonian Open Air Museum CHRISTMAS VILLAGE, if you book our excursion: “Estonian Open Air Museum” http://tripity.eu/tour/tour-to-estonian-open-air-museum/

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