In no other hotel in the world is there such a high concentration of Estonian culture as in the Solo Sokos Hotel Estoria — the goal is to be a guest’s key to Estonia and the most convenient place to stay. The feedback of the first month has brought praise in high quantities to the unique concept, both from home and abroad.

Violetta from South Africa begins laconically: “Estoria is about stories, Estoria is about Estonia, Estoria is about culture, Estoria is about humour and fun. Solo Sokos Hotels have got this right! … Colour strikes you first when you walk into the room. No dull whites for this hotel.”

Blogger Kthetraveller has entitled one of her posts: “Solo Sokos Hotel Estoria and the world’s most comfortable bed” and writes, among other things, that “The materials of the room scream quality, which pleased me very much… In addition to business travelers, I recommend this hotel to those who expect a slightly higher level of accommodation level.”

From the bed to toiletries, the room has been furnished keeping in mind the needs of the demanding business traveler. All rooms belong to the Superior class, a total of 93 rooms on three floors, where every floor has its own lounge for hotel guests, a direct access to the conference center, restaurants, and many other services—yet the hotel the guests’ oasis of privacy and quiet in the heart of the city.

In every hotel room in Estoria, one Estonian organization tells one Estonian story, and Estoria have already gathered more than 80 partners from all over Estonia.

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