Nature Museum & Marzipan Fairy Tale

Tour is on foot
Tour is on foot
Museum tickets included
Museum tickets included


                                During the walking tour, you will visit Estonian Museum of Natural History, where you willlearn about variety of Estonian nature. According to the number of different species, Estonia is among first five countries in Europe. Owing to the geographical location, Estonian flora and fauna is very versatile. Estonian seaside has a lot of small islands, bays, lagoons, and meadows; it is the most important stop for the birds on their way from places of nesting to places of over-wintering.
Estonia is very rich in islands: there is more than 1.500 of them. The islands are unique birds’ islands in the whole Baltic Sea.
In Estonia, there are 379 species of birds, 75 species of fish, 5 species of reptiles, 11 species of amphibians, and 65 species of mammals. Furthermore, in Estonia, there are 1.500 species of vascular plats, 525 species of moss, 2.000 species of seaweeds, and 4.868 species of mushrooms. Inanimate nature of Estonia is also unique: the shape of a terrain, cliffs, waterflls, caves glacial boulders, and, of course, Estonian Klint, which is more than 300 km long.
According to the number of meteor craters, Estonia is on the first place in the world. Estonian Museum of Natural History exposes the versatility of Estonian nature. Well organised cases enable the visitors to learn a lot about flora and fauna. You will find out about aerial and underwater world of our region. The museum also has a great exhibition of birds.
Temporary exhibitions are renewed constantly.
Estonian Museum of Natural History is a unique place where you can learn so much about Estonian nature in a short period of time.
Later, you will visit Marzipan Museum, where you will find out the recipes of making marzipan. You will also be able to make and colour a marzipan figure and buy this medieval “remedy.”

The price includes:
• Excursion to Estonian Museum of Natural History
• Tickets to Estonian Museum of Natural History
• Entrance to Marzipan Museum
• Making and colouring marzipan
• Private guide service

Estonian Museum of Natural History opening times:
Wed-Sun 10:00 – 17:00                            


Estonian nature
Estonian Nature Museum
Fauna & Flora of Estonia
Inhabitants of the Baltic Sea
Marzipan Exhibition
Marzipan Museum

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Tour location: Estonian Nature Museum